What's New

DesktopCollage Version 2.1 provides the following improvements:

  • Available as Universal Binary.
  • Support for multibutton mice.
  • Extended drag-and-drop support: You can now play media files for which you have installed third-party QuickTime components (e.g. Perian (.flv among others), Flip4Mac (.wma and .wmv)) by simply dragging them onto the DesktopCollage icon.

DesktopCollage Version 2.0 introduced these exciting new features:

  • Movie stickers: Spice up your desktop collage by adding your favorite movies and animations.
    • You can add all QuickTime compatible movies and animations, even multi-page PDFs.
    • DesktopCollage lets you adjust playback and volume with the help of a floating, semitransparent movie controller.
    • You still have full control over the layering of the stickers in your collage and DesktopCollage provides unambiguous feedback about which stickers are currently selected by displaying them inverted.
    • You can customize DesktopCollage with preference settings that mute or pause movies while the program is in the background.
    • DesktopCollage listens to Fast User Switching: The playback of movies and animations is stopped while the user is switched out.
    • You can choose initial settings for playback and volume for each movie sticker individually and for all newly created ones as well.
    • And did we mention that you can play your favorite background tunes by adding QuickTime compatible audio files to your collage?
  • DesktopCollage can be set to automatically shrink new stickers to fit your computer's screen. This comes in handy with all those megapixel digital snapshots...
  • With the new tolerance slider you can select a whole range of similar colors which you want to be transparent in the image sticker you're about to create.
  • Multiple monitors are supported.
  • DesktopCollage can be set to ignore Exposé. This gives you the ability to see what's going on in your collage by activating Exposé to hide all other programs. - It's like having a movie player with a "boss key" (provided that you have this large, laborious spreadsheet open...)

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